Problem Statement: STAR Inspection and Consultants were seeking help in optimizing their company profile and the founder’s LinkedIn profile. They also needed writers to write good content for their website and craft a few cover emails for them.

Proposed Solution: When STAR Inspection and Consultants contacted us, they were in need of someone who could write an impactful cover email for them. We drafted a high-quality cover email that they were quite impressed with so they reached out to us a few days later with an optimization gig. They needed help in optimizing their company profile and enhancing the founder’s profile on LinkedIn. Our team has written engaging content for their website to edify their online presence so that their clients get what they want while visiting the website.

Eventually, as we enjoyed writing for them in the first few instances, our partnership grew and working with STAR became a long term association. We have been working on projects with them for over a month and it has been a great experience.

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