Our previous blog dived deeper into ‘what is content marketing?’ and how a solid content marketing strategy can help you grow your business. It allows you to develop relationships with your customers and spread the word about your product or service organically. Thus, it would help if you had an effective content marketing strategy to make your brand a part of your customer’s lives. 

BUT (Argh! Yes, there’s always a BUT)

Do you think you have a fair understanding of content marketing strategy, but don’t know where to start?

Well, why don’t we build one together, right here! Isn’t that exciting? 

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to develop a content marketing strategy for your business.


Research is one of the most crucial elements in building up an effective content marketing strategy. However, before planning out a strategy that works for your business, you must know your target audience, products and services, market trends, and competitors in detail. Here are some things that’ll help you research adequately and boost your sales.

a. Use existing customer data to boost up your sales

If you have your website up and running and you are selling goods or services online, then it’s likely that you already have a customer base. Connect with your existing customers, ask why they like your product or service, and how your services can be improved. By digging deeper into your service market, you may zero in on who your consumers are and what they want. Gather all the data because that will crucially help us take the next step towards building up our strategy.

b. Competitor research

Finding relevant information about the competitors and learning from their success and mistakes is essential in understanding the USP of your brand and will help you set your foot deep into the market. Gather all the data from competitors’ social media accounts and websites. You’ll most likely discover something that functions as their distinct value proposition. Understanding the needs of your customers adds value to the existing propositions and creates opportunities.

c. Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most critical steps in content marketing. It’s vital to understand what keywords your target audience search for to succeed with SEO and content marketing. There are various keyword research tools (free & paid versions) available to assist you in identifying common keywords and key phrases. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

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Introduce your brand as a valuable resource

Now that we know what is out there and our value proposition, we need to ensure that your content is well noticed and your brand is established as a valuable resource. You want visitors to learn about your business and products at this point. Understandably, you’d concentrate on information that helps you achieve this goal. Your visitors should start trusting you in providing the most attractive and effective solutions; for addressing their needs and would want to look no further than your brand when they have an issue that needs solving. 

  1. Start producing content and market it on all of your social media platforms. Once you’ve published amazing content, you’ve got to maintain engagement around that content. Just keep in mind that, at any point, too much promotion will drive people away. 
  1. Engage with those in the audience who take out time to leave a comment or share something they’ve learned. The importance of outreach in this process is frequently overlooked. It’s how you get people’s attention and backlinks.

Sharing your content on social media

Every company on social media should have a strategy for its profiles. Whether your strategy revolves around humor, beauty, or something else, the strategy should be enticing and engaging. While writing, social media content might be easier than writing web content, it’s important to remember that every social media network is different! Therefore, you will have to tailor your content to each network you’re using if you want your content to perform well.

  1. Instagram

If you want to share a website article that talks about SEO, you can hint at it in your Instagram post and share the article on your website so that your website sees more traffic. The way people will perceive your business is directly proportional to the quality of content that you post out there. Thus, it’s important to share only your fine-tuned content on your Instagram handle. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to share important information such as event dates, website content, and information related to your business. If people like the content, they will visit your website and share the link on their profiles. This will give you a lot more exposure than what you might get with just your post on the social media handle. 

  1. Twitter

Each network has its strength. For instance; we love sharing the awesome and hilarious things that go down on our website on Twitter. It helps us to engage with our audience and connect with them. Twitter can help you increase your website’s visibility! How would you like to take advantage of its strength?

Creating a fresh brand is challenging. You must reach out to your target audience, identify them, satisfy their requirements, and overcome a few setbacks along the road. In addition, it’s not easy to generate backlinks from social media. However, to understand how a social media sharing schedule can double your traffic, check out our next blog

Don’t want to spend time building a content marketing strategy yourself? Then, let us help you in growing your business. Connect with Edgy Scribblers & we’ll help you become the brand that you deserve to be!

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