Brand Communication

A brand, is the message they communicate!

Key Highlights

Copy Writing


It’s not the number of words, but the impact of words with which a message is conveyed, and we prefer to keep it powerful, crisp, and short!


Communication Strategy

Based on the understanding of stakeholders and target segments, we develop communication strategies & content that achieve brand goals.

Public Relations

PR Profiling

We develop strong PR Profiles that act as a positive reflection in establishing and maintaining up to date corporate reputation.

Brand Collaterals

Be it brochures, flyers, or a banner, our experts analyse, select and produce content for brand collaterals that enable effective communication. We write the perfect copy for your advertisement campaign, or as they say it in the digital arena, we produce click-bait content for you. We study you, your brand, and the audiences you wish to target so that the brand collateral we produce gives optimal results.

We also strive hard to write content that holds accountability to the information passed without risking the reputation of your firm. Unlike the clickbait tactics used on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or youtube, we write content that doesn’t simply attract a reader or customer, but portrays facts and adds value to their surfing experience.

Brand Collaterals
Impactful Presentations


We focus on creating innovative presentations to help you put your message across; be it a startup pitch deck, or business presentation, or a subject-oriented one, we’ve got you covered! A presentation – true to the name – needs to be presentable i.e. it should convey the message the presenter intends to convey and to the right people.

We use various infographics, customised clip arts, transitions, tables, graphs, charts, and various other tools to create an engrossing presentation for you. It is easy for you to study and deliver while being equally easy for your audience to read and understand. Based on your needs and the industry, we design the slides and write content appropriate to your niche. That makes mastering it a simple task for you.


We understand the importance of clear and determined communication in media and other public platforms and write your speeches or other communication materials that boost value. Constructing a public address or speech can be a tedious job if you aren’t familiar with the writing style and can’t gauge your audience. After all, the words you deliver through that speech or address will influence several people and impact their thought processes.

Based on your requirements, we determine a suitable tone, an apt sentence structure, and the right KEY words that will make your address appealing. Based on the audience you will be addressing, be it an event, or a platform like TEDx, we are flexible enough to draft stories/speeches in different languages. Speaking to the masses in their mother tongue or in a language they understand makes the speech more effective.

Writing down an address

What Our Clients Say

Working with Edgy Scribblers, was a pure plush experience. Their thought process and structured approach, really helped us achieve our communication goals. They delivered the work in time and was always at par with the standards.

Jagriti Yatra

Edgy Scribblers created exactly what was on my team’s mind. Their SEO content writer captured the essence and communicated the key message well. Our website is enjoying high rankings on search engines, so really happy. Great people to work with!

Nandrayog Records

I would have never seen the value of LinkedIn if it wasn’t for Pulkit. LinkedIn optimization allowed me to network with professionals specific to my industry, which was certainly rewarding. Now, my profile reflects my personal and professional characteristics that I believe add to my benefit.

Kumar Mayank

I was in need of some high-quality brand collaterals. Thank you to Edgy Scribblers, the key message of my brand was well passed across all mediums and channels through copy that truly sold. The final result was brilliant and each document was impressive.!

Ajay Kadyan

I now understand the power of content. Being a professional, I continued working in my sphere all these years. But after Edgy Scribblers developed my website and other communication collateral, my services have become a full fledged brand. I am introduced to newer audiences every once in a while, which I believe has been the greatest advantage of seeking Edgy Scribblers’ content services.

Pooja Dawra

We deliver communication solutions that turn potential customers into loyal customers!



What is copywriting and scriptwriting?

Copywriting sets personas of a brand whereas scriptwriting is a longer form of communicating a certain message. Copywriting is short, crisp and sharp while scriptwriting appeals the audience into taking the desired action over a dedicated time of longer duration. Copywriting is the content observed on ads, landing pages, sales emails or letters; whereas scriptwriting can be observed in video documentation, films, theatre and plays documentation, etc.

How to develop a communication strategy for public and private events?

You need to complete certain tasks to develop an effective communications strategy for an event you are organizing. These tasks include employing good public relations tactics and outreach programs to spread the word about your brand and the upcoming event. You must identify your audiences, the more specific your strategy is, the more people you impact. Understand the needs and expectations of your clients, event speakers and attendees as it helps develop content ideas. Next, create a game plan that is simple and organized so that every person involved can understand it and follow it. Finally, craft a message that highlights the value that the event will add to the lives of the attendees.

What is the importance of setting up communication strategies and guidelines for a brand?

Communication with readers, or viewers, or customers, and with potential partners is key to the growth and development of a brand. A well-researched strategy helps the person involved with communication stay focused on engaging the client and delivering the intended message. Setting up communication guidelines is highly beneficial, especially for brands that work with multiple in-house content creators or tend to hire freelance content developers.

Do I need a communication strategy for my brand’s public relations?

All brands indulge in public relations to support their growth while building a reputation with their audience. Having a communication strategy in place acts as an exceptional tool to keep the communications organized and optimized, doesn’t matter which platform they are shared on.

What do brand collaterals mean?

Brand collateral refers to a collection of various materials and media that is strategically used to create or promote awareness about your brand on various social networking sites. It is a marketing strategy utilized to drive sales and is quite effective as it is devised complementary to your brand’s voice and core values.

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