Content Development

If content is the King, then we are the king makers!

Key Highlights

SEO Blogs

SEO Blogs

We integrate the right keywords and links to your content that boosts your website traffic and ranks you at top of search engines.

Copy Writing


We develop copy that sells your product or service. Words that are crisp and potent, yet elaborate enough to put your brand message across.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Monotony is a big no! We take every piece of articulation very seriously and compose it with our touch of uniqueness that speaks your voice.

Content Development and Engagement

We believe content creation is an art not mastered by many. Think of it as a beautiful painting consisting of different shades that enhance the picture eventually. Even though content writing might seem an easy task, it requires in-depth research, discipline, industry knowledge, and patience.

Through our content development and engagement services, we can assist you with copywriting, creative writing, report writing, white papers, proofreading and editing, and web content writing. We also have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Management (SMM) experts who are nuanced in keyword research, implementing both on and off-page SEO tactics and strategizing when and which platform the content needs to be shared on.

Building content for all your needs and requirement
Turnkey content solutions for techbased products

Content for websites and SaaS products

We equip your content with the correct keywords, language and tone that build your brand’s image and list it on top of Google Search Engine. We develop content for your SaaS products as well, including emailers, tooltips, notifications, DIY or onboarding documents.

Our services range include writing high quality and niche-specific website content, blogs, or even case studies. We use on-page SEO techniques like incorporating keywords after thorough research, writing meta descriptions, and selecting appropriate visual content – pictures or videos. We employ off-page SEO tactics including link building, content marketing, brand building, and using social media to your advantage, as well.


Language must never be a constraint in the growth of your business. Translation eases the process of comprehension for a reader as reading in a language that they are fluent in is much more comfortable. We translate words of any language into the language your customers speak and make your enterprise visible to a larger, international audience. We provide translations in English, German, Hindi, Telugu, and Marathi languages as of now.

Some of our translation services include writing audio and video subtitles in the aforementioned languages. We also work on speeches that your customer might need to be translated to address different crowds in different locations and even different platforms. Our expert translators are accustomed to translating documents, reports, press releases, web articles, and newspaper content.

Serve your client in their own language

What Our Clients Say

Working with Edgy Scribblers, was a pure plush experience. Their thought process and structured approach, really helped us achieve our communication goals. They delivered the work in time and was always at par with the standards.

Jagriti Yatra

Edgy Scribblers created exactly what was on my team’s mind. Their SEO content writer captured the essence and communicated the key message well. Our website is enjoying high rankings on search engines, so really happy. Great people to work with!

Nandrayog Records

I would have never seen the value of LinkedIn if it wasn’t for Pulkit. LinkedIn optimization allowed me to network with professionals specific to my industry, which was certainly rewarding. Now, my profile reflects my personal and professional characteristics that I believe add to my benefit.

Kumar Mayank

I was in need of some high-quality brand collaterals. Thank you to Edgy Scribblers, the key message of my brand was well passed across all mediums and channels through copy that truly sold. The final result was brilliant and each document was impressive.!

Ajay Kadyan

I now understand the power of content. Being a professional, I continued working in my sphere all these years. But after Edgy Scribblers developed my website and other communication collateral, my services have become a full fledged brand. I am introduced to newer audiences every once in a while, which I believe has been the greatest advantage of seeking Edgy Scribblers’ content services.

Pooja Dawra

Need a push to create communication that sells? Let the experts do the job.
Hire us to build you a simple yet mesmerising communication for your audience.

Few questions that our clients often ask!


How to measure and increase content engagement on a website?

There are various ways to measure content engagement on a website that includes tracking page views, time on page, impressions made, bounce rate, and the click-through rate (CTR). Content developers also consider other parameters like pages per session, top exit pages, unique visitors, and conversion rate. Based on the analysis of this data, you can make the necessary changes and optimize the website to increase engagement.

Why is content development important?

The content you share on your website or any other platform for that matter decides the impression you have on your readers or viewers. If they aren’t immediately engaged, they will move on to another website offering the same products or services. Impressions, conversion rates, sales, and profits of a brand see positive changes  when content development is utilized and implemented effectively.

What is web content development?

It is the process of researching, gathering, organizing, and editing optimized content for a website and marketing it over various social media platforms. Web content can comprise written articles or blog posts as well as visual entities like videos, pictures, infographics, or any other digital asset.

How to do content development?

There are various processes that writers and creators follow while developing content for their website or blog. The steps that people generally follow are competitor research, analyzing demographics, keyword research, writing, proofreading and editing, implementing on-page and off-page SEO, content promotion, and finally reviewing the performance of the website.

Why should brands have website content management?

There is a very prevalent notion in the digital space- “content is king”. It is quite true because the content shared by a brand often decides its reputation. When the website content is properly managed, you can showcase your subject matter expertise, influence readers, and engage with potential partners or collaborators.

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