Content Marketing

Like knowledge, content also grows by sharing!

Key Highlights

Search Engine Optimisation and keywords

Keyword and Strategy

From targeting keywords to tracking results, we develop content marketing strategies that meet your goals.

Social Media Marketing is the future of marketing

Social Media Marketing

The power of SEO/SMM is a no kept secret. We use these tools to draw traffic and influence visitors into becoming potential customers.

Building visibility is a crucial element of content marketing

Visibility and outreach

Using various digital platforms, we increase brand visibility that enables the business to be visible to a wider audience.

Content Distribution

Carving the way through various media channels, we evenly distribute content to reach the target segments effectively. Using the best content marketing tools, we gain your brand regular increase in visibility and potential to tap into new audiences each day. We make use of cross-promotion to reach those new audiences. For example: Sharing links to posts from Instagram to Twitter, or a link to an informative article on your website to LinkedIn engages readers as they discover information otherwise unavailable. Our content distribution services include sharing press releases in newspapers and through regular posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We strategize the distribution using content calendars and analysing reports from various analytical tools that show site data – impressions, click-through rate, daily traffic, conversions, and so on.

Managing your content across various platforms


We make full leverage of SEO and SMM to draw website traffic and convert visitors into potential customers. Our experts study the reader engagements on your social profiles and website and accordingly set up paid advertising campaigns that draw more traction towards your brand.

Building your professional credibility and relationship capital, today are important because your digital presence and reputation of your brand the to precede you. As 90% of users tend to move to a different website after landing on a home page, we optimize your home and landing pages to increase your Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

Influencer Marketing

We are well connected with various macro and micro-influencers who are well-known on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube to name a few. They can assist you in expanding your network through cross-promotions on their social profiles. Influencers are quite the marketing tool to reach out to prospective clients or customers, especially if your brand has products.

We will sit down with you and help you create a list of influencers whose values resonate with you and your brand, and who will be happy to market your brand. We will draft a pitch presentation or questionnaire and help you get familiarized with the dialogue so that you have a positive and motivating impression. Through our connections, we will aid you in influencer and celebrity outreach and wow them as they can help you expand your reach in the market.

Influencer Marketing

What Our Clients Say

Working with Edgy Scribblers, was a pure plush experience. Their thought process and structured approach, really helped us achieve our communication goals. They delivered the work in time and was always at par with the standards.

Jagriti Yatra

Edgy Scribblers created exactly what was on my team’s mind. Their SEO content writer captured the essence and communicated the key message well. Our website is enjoying high rankings on search engines, so really happy. Great people to work with!

Nandrayog Records

I would have never seen the value of LinkedIn if it wasn’t for Pulkit. LinkedIn optimization allowed me to network with professionals specific to my industry, which was certainly rewarding. Now, my profile reflects my personal and professional characteristics that I believe add to my benefit.

Kumar Mayank

I was in need of some high-quality brand collaterals. Thank you to Edgy Scribblers, the key message of my brand was well passed across all mediums and channels through copy that truly sold. The final result was brilliant and each document was impressive.!

Ajay Kadyan

I now understand the power of content. Being a professional, I continued working in my sphere all these years. But after Edgy Scribblers developed my website and other communication collateral, my services have become a full fledged brand. I am introduced to newer audiences every once in a while, which I believe has been the greatest advantage of seeking Edgy Scribblers’ content services.

Pooja Dawra

Choose us to help your company grow through the power of SEO and SMM to reach larger audiences.



How much does content marketing cost?

Usually, companies take into account only the cost of content creation. Whereas, content marketing is an additional cost that remains inevitable. The cost of these two services individually or combined depending on the freelancer or agency’s cost in delivering the same – which is derived on the basis of the time, skill and amount of work to be invested and delivered.

What do SEO and SMM mean and is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. These are both tools in the process of content marketing that help derive greater traffic to the website, increase visibility and tap into the target segment effectively. It is safe to say that these are two of the strongest tools in the aforementioned process. 

How do content marketing work and drive sales for a brand?

It is only through content marketing that audiences discover and learn about your brand. Content increases brand awareness, which in turn increases the potential of greater sales. The two processes go hand in hand and are complementary to each other.

Is content distribution worth paying for?

What is content without having it placed on the right platform? A mere piece of a writeup or visual. Content marketing involves the strategic placement of content for maximum brand engagement and recognition. So yes, content distribution is absolutely worth paying for.

How can content marketing help a business?

Content marketing helps brands communicate their brand message effectively by the help of thoughtfully created content strategies. This in turn, also helps brands build a personal relationship with their customers and tap into potential customer segments. Content marketing when done in the right manner improves brand recognition and recall value, captures attention and helps in conversions.

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