LinkedIn Optimisation

Key Highlights

Profile Enhancement

Profile Enhancement

Using various tools we enhance your personal and business profiles, by highlighting your experience & skills; at the same time, increasing your profile’s ability to be found.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Be it generating leads, building brand awareness, establishing corporate relations, or driving website traffic, LinkedIn marketing is the technique our team understands and excels at!

Engagement and Networking

We use a number of techniques to engage with target market segments and boost networking opportunities to stay connected with fellow colleagues, industry leaders, and customers.

Engagement and Networking

When tapped into efficiently, LinkedIn facilitates business growth at several levels. LinkedIn is considered as one of the most effective networking platforms by professionals, subject matter experts, executives, freelancers, and business people alike. Using LinkedIn, we can easily filter out all the unnecessary and irrelevant information and help your client focus on the crucial task of connecting with people in the same industry.

We help create a wide network over LinkedIn and truly engage with the audience. Crafting the perfect introduction section, sharing informative posts regularly, analyzing the comments from viewers, nurturing potential opportunities with peers, and generating positive leads – we do it all.

Engagement and networking
Increased Outreach on LinkedIn

Increased Outreach

Being a hub for corporate networking, increasing LinkedIn outreach leads to several opportunities – hiring best talents, building brand presence, credibility and voice, and much more. Many people are unaware of the fact that LinkedIn also responds to certain keywords, similar to search engines like Google. We utilize industry-specific keywords to describe your brand’s presence and create an impression with your target audience. This strengthens your brand’s presence and ability to be found. We use a designated LinkedIn content calendar and schedule various posts throughout the month. With the information you provide us, we also use graphic media like posters, infographics, online flyers, and email newsletters to gain more traction and increase the appeal of your brand on the platform.

For Solopreneurs

How we enable them with right keywords, headlines, and enable to get their profile to stand out?

There has never been a better time for individuals wanting to discover opportunities – be it finding potential associations or tapping into collaborations, we build you a LinkedIn profile that acts synonymous to your persona. LinkedIn is an incredible networking tool for entrepreneurs, business owners, expert professionals like doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, start-up founders, or social media influencers.

We will help you set up an appealing profile on LinkedIn and implement cross-promotion on other platforms that will increase your visibility. You can enhance the reputation you have gained through word-of-mouth and become a revered personality in your industry using our LinkedIn strategies.

For Solopreneurs

What Our Clients Say

Working with Edgy Scribblers, was a pure plush experience. Their thought process and structured approach, really helped us achieve our communication goals. They delivered the work in time and was always at par with the standards.

Jagriti Yatra

Edgy Scribblers created exactly what was on my team’s mind. Their SEO content writer captured the essence and communicated the key message well. Our website is enjoying high rankings on search engines, so really happy. Great people to work with!

Nandrayog Records

I would have never seen the value of LinkedIn if it wasn’t for Pulkit. LinkedIn optimization allowed me to network with professionals specific to my industry, which was certainly rewarding. Now, my profile reflects my personal and professional characteristics that I believe add to my benefit.

Kumar Mayank

I was in need of some high-quality brand collaterals. Thank you to Edgy Scribblers, the key message of my brand was well passed across all mediums and channels through copy that truly sold. The final result was brilliant and each document was impressive.!

Ajay Kadyan

I now understand the power of content. Being a professional, I continued working in my sphere all these years. But after Edgy Scribblers developed my website and other communication collateral, my services have become a full fledged brand. I am introduced to newer audiences every once in a while, which I believe has been the greatest advantage of seeking Edgy Scribblers’ content services.

Pooja Dawra

Build or revamp your LinkedIn profile from scratch. This time, hire us for best results!



Should solopreneurs/entrepreneurs optimize their LinkedIn profile?

Any individual (or company) who is either a working professional or an entrepreneur should certainly optimize his/her LinkedIn profile. If you plan to use the platform for networking to connect with recruiters, candidates or potential partners or investors, an optimized profile that showcases you and your talents will be highly effective.

What does LinkedIn profile optimization involve?

All-in-all it’s a fairly simple but time consuming and necessary process. Create an aesthetic profile using a high-quality image as your display picture and a custom cover picture. Write attractive content copies for the headline, summary, and experience. Following this, implement LinkedIn SEO, build connections with people in your stream of work and engage with them through likes and comments.

How does LinkedIn measure profile engagement?

The LinkedIn algorithm monitors various factors of a profile’s behaviour like the impressions made, clicks, likes, comments, and shares. This is done by LinkedIn analytics and you can access this data. One of the several formulae people use to measure engagement is the number of likes, comments, and clicks divided by the total impressions, the whole multiplied by 1000.

How to create an engaging LinkedIn profile for entrepreneurs?

LinkedIn profile is a crucial platform people use for networking these days and it can be created with a few simple steps. Begin with using your official name and a professional display picture, a brief impactful summary and a crisp headline that is bound to make the viewer stop and explore your profile. Enhance your profile with images, videos, case study reports you’ve written, etc. Finally, stay consistent with your posts and interact with people in your niche through groups or by commenting on their posts.

Why do LinkedIn optimization?

LinkedIn is the networking website that most professionals use either to recruit, be recruited by, or partner with people in their line of work. Majority of professionals in almost all industries use LinkedIn regularly. An optimized profile that gives a clear idea of your experience, skills, and knowledge will certainly attract more attention. You never know, from where your next potential opportunity is going to knock your door, and LinkedIn is one of the main sources to receive such opportunities. So, we guess you’d agree to this, when we say that, ‘you would want your first impression to be the best impression.’

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