Problem Statement: Sparkinfy needed complete end to end website, content, graphics, and strategy development to establish their online presence.

Proposed Solution: Solopreneur and life coach Pooja Dawra approached us with a raw idea about her new venture – Sparkinfy even before its registration. She wanted a robust foundation which she could use to build her digital presence and continue empowering people to reach their potential. To keep her from being overwhelmed by the workings of the digital world, we sat down with her at every step and discussed the plan and the progress. We began this project by completely designing the Sparkinfy website based on Pooja’s brand voice and style. Once an appealing website was ready, we moved on to logo designing which was a crucial aspect of this project. After several meetings over a month, we finalized the logo.

As the website development reached its conclusion, we recalibrated ourselves towards content creation and developing an effective communication strategy for the company. Our team of writers wrote the entire communication guidelines for Sparkinfy along with the excerpts that were to be mentioned in Pooja’s bio. High-quality content was being created every day to be posted on the website and to be used in flyers, brochures, and visiting cards. We optimized Pooja’s LinkedIn profile and did one-page profiling as well as PR profiling for her. During the five months of the Sparkinfy project, we invested our time and energy to understand Pooja’s every need as it helped us in delivering quality services.

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