“When people are motivated to consume content, they are motivated to be influenced.”

Content Marketing is not a new term. The global size of the content marketing industry has exceeded $36,786.6 million in 2018 and is projected to generate $107,540.6 million by 2026, or 14.3% CAGR. Says, Research Dive

Marketing is not about being lucky. It is about understanding people, what they want, what inspires and motivates them. The content creation process is an art. It’s not just about finding the right keywords but transforming your message to resonate with your target audience. Undertaking the psychology of content marketing is the cornerstone of marketing, particularly the psychology of persuasion. The more you understand how the mind works, the better judgments you will be able to make.

Content is king!

That’s what they say, right? Well, they are 110% correct!

While thinking about content, the first thing that comes to your mind is text. But the content is so much more than that! It includes everything that your target audience views. Images, colours, and even the fonts you use all impact your content reach and psychologically affect your readers or viewers. That is why, today, we will look at how your brand can impact your readers or viewers by using the right colors, writing styles, and layout.

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Human Psychology

Humans can develop the perception of anything in less than a minute and a half. It is not enough to know how to write great content. You need to know who you are writing for and what entices them. What works for one blog may not work for another, and there is never a “one size fits all” solution. Let’s understand the various ways in which your content can impact your potential consumers. 

👉 Building connections through powerful messages

You have a great product or service to sell, but how do you connect emotionally with your customers? In the world of content marketing, the only tactic that works is writing powerful messages that generate curiosity for readers to keep discovering more material you have in store for them.

👉 Enhancing the readability through headings and subheadings 

Headings and subheadings are an essential part of your content. They break up the text and guide the reader through the document while at the same time giving them a preview of what’s to come. Using positive headings that creates curiosity in your reader’s mind is a great way to improve the site’s readability and structure your content well.

👉 Colour psychology in content marketing

Colors are emotional cues in content marketing. Colors not only draw attention to your writing, but also provoke emotions. Each colour has its meaning and is a representation of different emotions and qualities. These psychological insights can help improve the user experience and keep potential customers engaged long enough to convert into loyal customers. Here are some of the numerous emotions that colors can evoke in your audience. So, next time you are building content to represent your brand, choose your colours wisely!

👉 Image psychology in content marketing

90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual

Images have an important role in content. Even if you consider visuals to be nothing more than an addition to your text, they are much more than that psychologically. People are visually oriented and an impactful image can stay in their head for a longer amount of time. Therefore, let the images elevate your material and contribute to the retention of your branding and message. 

👉 Fonts psychology in content marketing

Fonts can have a more significant impact and trigger an emotional response. Choosing the right font can help reach your message loud and clear. So let’s understand it this way. What emotions does each message in the picture trigger in you?

The typeface you choose may make or break your image, and it can even influence how others perceive your content. The font you use can convey a variety of emotions or concepts.

The internet is a gold mine of possibilities. You need to know how to attract more and better visitors and treat their minds with some amazing and valuable content. By following these strategies, you will notice how the content, titles, captions, colours, and even the length of your posts can boost your web presence and generate more sales for you. 

So it’s your turn to grab your visitors’ attention and pass on the powerful messages that you have in store for them. Connect with our experts at Edgy Scribblers and turn your readers into loyal customers.

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