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Pulkit is the founder of Edgy Scribblers and is a seasoned professional in providing optimal content development solutions while being well accustomed to a plethora of other services. Pulkit and the team of talented youths he has built at Edgy Scribblers are steadily establishing their authority in the web development and content creation space.

Pulkit is a graduate in ECE Engineering from ITM University. While pursuing his bachelor’s in technology for the same, he founded two startups – Moments: We make them last forever and Vividphile. The former was a gifting company that revolved around making customized gifts like cakes, cards, chocolates, and boxes. The latter was an advertising company which provided free photocopies(subsidised by the costs of ads) to students in college campuses across India with advertisements on the back page of the photocopies. Both ventures ran successfully for a while before Moments saw a was shut down and Vividphile put on hold, leaving crucial learning behind. These startup ideas were born out of Pulkit’s entrepreneurial spirit that he had garnered in himself since his childhood.

When he was accepted as yatri in the infamous train journey that promotes ‘building India through enterprise,’ his entrepreneurial spirit felt an uplifting jolt. After graduating from the university in 2015, Pulkit began writing codes as a developer in Fidelity International, before taking up the responsibility of quality assurance of codes as a QA. After working there for less than a year, he decided that desktop job isn’t his cup of tea, and he decided to quit and turn the key for Edgy Scribblers full time. At the same time, an opportunity to be a part of the Jagriti Yatra team showed and Pulkit eagerly leapt at it.

In 2016, Pulkit volunteered for the core team of Jagriti Yatra while laying the foundation of his startup – Edgy Scribblers. Since then, he has evolved into a nuanced entrepreneur, thanks to his experiences with Jagriti Yatra, especially his part in organizing an event at the residence of the President of India – Rashtrapati Bhavan – and even writing the first draft for the President’s address for the same event. As both Pulkit and Edgy Scribblers grew, he realized that it was the perfect time to set on the path of another dream he had, one about creating an online platform that offers wellness solutions to individual businesses and large organizations alike. That was the inception of Aanya Wellness, his newest venture that offers various programs to wellness enthusiasts across the globe.

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